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Sikh MP pledges Sarbat Da Bhala in maiden speech

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi – the first turban wearing MP in UK parliament history – today pledged to serve the public in the Sikh spirit of “Sarbat Da Bhala” in his maiden speech in the House of Commons. The pledge was made during his first ever public speech in the House of Commons. Sarbat Da Bhala […]

Is the Indian government sabotaging a Canadian election?

Jagmeet Singh, a candidate in the New Democratic Party leadership election in Canada, has talked about possible interference from the Indian government in his campaign. In interviews with several Canadian newspapers, Mr Singh revealed that he had been informed by members of the Indian community there that people with links to the Indian High Commission […]

Sikhs and language of caste discrimination

The post below is from Ik Marg, arguing the case against the prejudicial explanatory notes about Caste Discrimination in the Equality Act 2010. The post outlines why Sikhs should have objections to the wording:    Why Sikhs object to the prejudicial explanatory notes in the Equality Act 2010 Firstly, to avoid any misunderstandings and misconceptions, […]

Echoes of Mutiny – interview with Deep Hundal

Interview by Harwinder Singh. For more from Harwinder, check out naujawani.com. Please do help support the project by donating whatever you can to help this brilliant idea go forward. To donate or for more information on the project, click here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1033862513/echoes-of-mutiny.    Deep Hundal (pictured) is the imaginative soul behind ‘Echoes of Mutiny’, a […]

Statement: Sikhs in Afghanistan – What’s the problem?

The Sikh Press Association share this statement from documentary makers Pritpal Singh and Harkiran Kaur in relation to today’s news about Afghan Sikhs being illegally brought into the country by a group who seemingly exploit the desire of those looking to leave a country where Sikhs are unable to live freely.  Please note, this is in […]

Harvesting Souls In Punjab: How The Evangelical Ecosystem Targets Sikhs – swarajyamag.com

SNAPSHOT Recently, violence erupted in Punjab after four Sikhs allegedly made “derogatory remarks against Jesus Christ”. The confrontation between Sikhism and Christianity is neither sudden nor relegated to isolated events such as these. It’s bigger. The evangelical war on Sikhs has spanned the last two centuries. Four Sikhs – Paramjit Singh of Amritsar, Simarjit Singh […]

Grenfell Tower fire – News and Links to support

The Sikh community have rallied to help those impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire. Here we share details and news related to these efforts. If you wish to donate or help in anyway, please use this Facebook page (being regulated by humanitarian charity Khalsa Aid) to coordinate efforts – https://www.facebook.com/Grenfell-Tower-Relief-Coordination-1724526381181534/?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite¬if_id=1497450070665755&sw_fnr_id=3447242588.

Being Sikh in the Trump era – L.A Times

‘You have to go out of your way to prove you’re not a threat’ Balmeet Singh joined the swelling ranks of Sikhs targeted, in many cases, after being mistaken for Muslim — a phenomenon that gained momentum after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. By Sarah ParviniContact Reporter Balmeet Singh stepped outside a burger shop in a strip […]

How did the Sikhs do? #GE2017

With over a dozen Sikhs running for seats in last night’s election, many within the community were waiting for the results to come in to see if there would be a Sikh MP in parliament for the first time since 2015. Here we bring you a comprehensive breakdown of just how the Sikh MP candidates […]

Sikhi and Conservative Principles – Jay Singh Sohal

Following our recent General Election posts, here we share the thoughts of Jay Singh-Sohal, Communications and Media Engagement Consultant. A Conservative since 18, he was chairman of Brunel Conservatives and a member of Sikh Tories. He has actively campaigned for Brexit and in support of Conservative candidates all over the country. NOTE – Please note – Sikh […]