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Grenfell Tower fire – News and Links to support

The Sikh community have rallied to help those impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire. Here we share details and news related to these efforts. If you wish to donate or help in anyway, please use this Facebook page (being regulated by humanitarian charity Khalsa Aid) to coordinate efforts – https://www.facebook.com/Grenfell-Tower-Relief-Coordination-1724526381181534/?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite¬if_id=1497450070665755&sw_fnr_id=3447242588.

Being Sikh in the Trump era – L.A Times

‘You have to go out of your way to prove you’re not a threat’ Balmeet Singh joined the swelling ranks of Sikhs targeted, in many cases, after being mistaken for Muslim — a phenomenon that gained momentum after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. By Sarah ParviniContact Reporter Balmeet Singh stepped outside a burger shop in a strip […]

How did the Sikhs do? #GE2017

With over a dozen Sikhs running for seats in last night’s election, many within the community were waiting for the results to come in to see if there would be a Sikh MP in parliament for the first time since 2015. Here we bring you a comprehensive breakdown of just how the Sikh MP candidates […]

Sikhi and Conservative Principles – Jay Singh Sohal

Following our recent General Election posts, here we share the thoughts of Jay Singh-Sohal, Communications and Media Engagement Consultant. A Conservative since 18, he was chairman of Brunel Conservatives and a member of Sikh Tories. He has actively campaigned for Brexit and in support of Conservative candidates all over the country. NOTE – Please note – Sikh […]

The Sikh vote: A conscience choice – NSYF Article

The following article is written by Ranveer Singh of the National Sikh Youth Federation, a write up in response of the recent first ever Sikh community hustings. NOTE – Sikh PA are an apolitical organisation. In the run up we have previously shared articles where Sikhs have advocated the Green Party and other forms of […]

The Sikh MP race – #GE2017

The Sikh Press Association will be tweeting about the UK General Election results LIVE through election night (June 8th after polls close at 10pm). As the votes are counted, we will be letting you know how the Sikh candidates have done in their constituencies and sharing election news relevant to the Sikh community. Follow us via […]

Sikh Community General Election 2017 Hustings – Register here

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/sikh-press-association-9573274089?s=76402971 – register here to attend.   How should Sikhs vote? Join us for an evening of discussion and debate on the UK General Election 2017, as the Sikh Press Association host a Sikh community Election hustings. What should Sikhs consider before voting? Which party best represents Sikh interests? How should we vote? Hear from Sikh […]

Sikh victim of attack claims cops encouraged mob

Video and article via NDTV Sikh PA share this news as further proof of claims long made by the Sikh community internationally, regarding state perpetrated oppression and targeted abuse/attacks faced by minority communities in India. Sikhs are approximately 2% of the population of India.   A mob drags four Sikh men out of a Bolero […]

Reactions to death of “The Butcher of Punjab”

Condemned by Human Rights groups for “illegal” and “brutal” policing methods, accused of “kicking” someone to death, convicted of sexual harassment, banned from entering the UK… and hailed as a hero by Indian media. Here we share some of the mixed reactions to the death of KPS Gill.  Today Indian media announced the death of former […]