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British Sikh student refused placement in France due to turban

A Sikh student of Kings College London (KCL) has had his degree put in jeopardy after a French school he was due to work in for an overseas placement refused his position. On October 3rd M.Singh Pandhal was told that due to strict application of Laicité, the French secularist law, his role as a teaching […]

“Grooming gangs are more organised than the Govt understands” – SYUK

Following news of stats showing a 62% rise in cases of child sexual exploitation, social reform community group Sikh Youth UK released a statement on the issue. The award winning Sikh ethos group regularly tackle cases of sexual grooming and feel the UK Government are unable to deal with the problem because of a lack of understanding about […]

When Sikhs sacrificed their lives for Langar – #LangarWeek

Langar as an institution is so important to Sikhs that they’ve sacrificed their lives in order to maintain it. #LangarWeek – an article by Shamsher Singh of NSYF.   On 31st October 1922 as ਸਾਕਾ ਪੰਜਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ (Saka Panja Sahib); ਸਾਕਾ (saka – historic event where rare courage and valour was displayed). This saka (demonstration) displayed […]

Sikh fighter wins UFC debut & says “I want to bring awareness to what my people are about”

This weekend the first ever South-Asian to compete in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) won his debut fight and declared his determination to “educate people” on the Sikh faith. Arjan Singh Bhullar took his MMA (mixed martial-arts) record to 7-0 following a three-round unanimous decision points win against Brazilian contender Luis Henrique at the UFC […]

Lord Singh expands on concerns about “too much political correctness” regarding grooming gangs

Yesterday evening Lord Singh joined Sikh Youth UK on the Sikh Channel to follow up on his letter to The Times and discuss his belief about “a problem with the Pakistani Muslim community”. Calling in to the weekly Sikh Youth Show, crossbench peer Lord Singh of Wimbledon spoke with sevadaars (selfless volunteers) of SYUK, along with Sikh Channel TV presenter and Sikh […]

Lord Singh speaks out against grooming gang roots cover-up

Letter from Network of Sikh Organisations slams Labour Party for  “the betrayal of victims, who are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness”. Lord Singh of Wimbledon commended those “speaking up on a clear trend” of “the conviction of men of largely Pakistani Muslim heritage in sexual grooming cases” in a letter published in today’s Times. The letter, which came via […]

Responses to Huffington Post anti-Sant Jarnail Singh article

“The comparisons drawn by TS Sudhir between Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in a recent Huffington Post India article are erroneous at best, and calculated at worst.” – Harwinder Singh, Naujawani.com. (full post linked below). Note – we have not provided links to the anti-Sikh articles mentioned in this post to stop the pages […]

Mail Online respond to our questions on inconsistent headlines

Earlier this month the Sikh Press Association began looking into the inconsistency of headlines by media outlets such as The Sun and Daily Mirror, in regards to the use of terms such as “Sikh and Asian”. Today we can share a response from the Daily Mail managing editors team on this issue. Firstly, the team […]

Statement on Coventry Telegraph allegations of Sikh “extremism”

Coventry Sikh community figure and media commentator speak on the article which linked Sikhs to support for ISIS. Yesterday newspaper Coventry Telegraph released an article which associated the Sikh community with “extremism”, and at one point even supporting ISIS. The Sikh Press Association understands this article was only based on a report on Gurdwara Guru […]