International Women’s Day 2016

International Women’s Day is a day to “celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.”

For Sikhs, International Women’s Day can remind us what Sikhi teaches us about gender equality; from Guru Nanak’s teachings on a woman’s place in society to Guru Gobind Singh’s elevation of females through ordainment in the Khalsa.

However, whilst Sikhi shows us nothing but gender equality and moves away from patriarchy, there are many modern day problems which affect Sikhs that are completely contrary to Sikh teachings. One of the biggest of these issues is the rate of female infanticide/foeticide among Punjabi Sikhs, something which women’s empowerment organisation Jeena International has found to also occur within the Punjabi diaspora in countries such as the UK and Canada too.

This issue is being tackled through the great work of organisations such as Kaurageous, Basics of Sikhi, Jeena International, the Sikh Network and many others, all of whom have worked towards helping Punjabis reconnect with Sikh values and understand the value of women. As such, the Sikh Press Association are encouraging Sikhs that adhere to what Sikhi teaches us about gender equality to share the hashtag #RespectWomen along with #IWD2016.

So we ask you all to share your pictures and share the hashtags on #InternationalWomensDay to show Sikhs are going back to our Gurmat values and pledging to #RespectWomen.

The liberation of women through Sikhi




Jaspreet Kaur aka Hipster Veggie (@HipsterVeggie) will be discussing Sikhi, food and more at Badass Women Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay in London in support of charity Binti. For more info see here – https://billetto.co.uk/badass-vegan-women.