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Sikhi and Conservative Principles – Jay Singh Sohal

Following our recent General Election posts, here we share the thoughts of Jay Singh-Sohal, Communications and Media Engagement Consultant. A Conservative since 18, he was chairman of Brunel Conservatives and a member of Sikh Tories. He has actively campaigned for Brexit and in support of Conservative candidates all over the country.

NOTE – Please note – Sikh PA are an apolitical organisation and share this to promote political dialogue within the Sikh community. We have previously shared thoughts on Sikhs advocating the Green Party, Jeremy Corbyn as PM and abstaining.


While Sikhi is unique and does not fit onto the party political spectrum, there are values that it does share with conservative principles. This includes upholding duty, tradition and family values.

For me my conservatism stems from my belief and understanding of Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s teachings of vand shakna and kirat karni (share your wealth and earn an honest living).

These form the basis of Sikh thought but are also traditional conservative principles which are manifested through compassion and charity.

We can see the fruition of this, when in a low tax liberal economy individuals keep more of the money they work hard for and can then chose how to spend it, whether on themselves their loved ones or good causes.

‘Basics of Sikhi’ is a good example of the latter, a charitable endeavour from a community which can achieve success when funded by through the grassroots and not the state.

If people were taxed significantly more, as would happen under Labour, their money might be redistributed (although much would go into bureaucracy) but just giving wouldn’t occur, nor would those spiritually enlightened to give dasvandh (or a tithe) benefit from the ghun (virtue) of giving.

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