Who is Bapu Surat Singh?

Surat Singh Khalsa (born 7 March 1933), also known as “Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa” is a civil rights and political activist, from the Indian state of Punjab. Surat Singh Khalsa has been involved with various political struggles related to Sikhs in Punjab, however he is currently in the limelight for a hunger strike as a form of peaceful protest against illegal and prolonged detention of political prisoners.

On 16 January 2015, Surat Singh Khalsa began a hunger strike which is still ongoing. He has refused food and water for more than 6 months to seek the release of Sikh political prisoners who have completed their court sentences. Where he is seeking release of Sikh political prisoners, he has also called for unconditional release of prisoners of all religions who have completed their terms.



White House Petition

Recognize Hunger-Striking U.S. Resident Surat Singh Khalsa & His Peaceful Struggle for Human Rights.