Why is there a #ModiNotWelcome Campaign?

This week the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will be visiting the UK. As reported by The Telegraph, it is hoped that the trip – the first by an Indian prime minister to the UK in almost a decade – will yield billions of pounds in trade and investment deals. Press Association reports that up to £10 billion worth of deals will be signed during the course of Mr Modi’s stay, including the sale to India by BAE Systems of 20 more Hawk trainer aircraft.

As such, Modi is being welcomed to the UK in a number of extravagant ways; from having an express bus marked in his name touring the nation and ‘Hi Chai’ events, to even having a song made in honour of his tour.

However, most spectacular will be the “Olympic style welcome” Modi will receive in a packed Wembley stadium on Friday 13th November 2015. With up to 70,000 people expected to attend, this greeting for Modi will surpass anything previously seen in the UK, including when President Barack Obama first came to the UK.

Many people feel such fanfare is undeserved, due to Modi’s notorious history and association with far-right nationalist Hindu groups and complicity in pogroms such as the Gujarat Massacres of 2002. With the many within the Sikh community being part of the groups that oppose the nature of Modi’s visit, Sikh PA have created this page to help create an understanding as to WHY Sikhs – as well as many other minorities – hold this stance.

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Quotes from Anti-Modi Activists

Sikh Federation

On supporting the #ModiNotWelcome campaing – “Modi has clear Hindutva objectives and trained with the ultra-nationalist right-wing Hindu group the RSS.”

Ruth Manorama – Dalit Activist

“India is shining on one side but on the other there is a severe curtailment of human rights. People who are working for Human Rights are labelled terrorists and anti- national. This is what I would say about Modi’s government.”

Sir Anish Kapoor – Turner Prize winner

“Shame on anyone welcoming Modi to the UK. Modi is not wanted here.”

Awaaz Network Spokeswoman

“We represent a range of organisations that are all very angry about the increased climate of hate and the huge increase in human rights violations in India. We want to say Modi is not invited to the UK in our name.”

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