Fake Image of ‘Sikh suicide bomber’ is no joke – International Business Times

Respected journalist Hardeep Singh tackles the issue of Sikhs becoming victimised because of a stigma attached to the Sikh identity


It’s a tragic irony that the identity of the Khalsa is today being conflated with that of Islamic extremism – a force it fought so strenuously against.


There is good reason Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh, fears for his safety following publication of a doctored selfie of him in a ‘suicide vest’ holding a copy of the Quran. The image was presented as taken by one of the suicide bombers shortly before the Paris terror attacks – deliberately conflating Sikh identity with that of an Islamic extremist.

I, like many, feared for Jubbal’s well-being. Sikhs in America have faced the brunt of backlash,especially in the aftermath of major Islamic terror attacks. Jubbal fell foul of the most vindictive of pranks, making him a legitimate target for hate and violent reprisals.

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