Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh makes 106th birthday pledge to fight world hunger

Sikh community figure and the world’s oldest marathon runner Fauja Singh turns 106 this Saturday (01.04.17) and is using the occasion to help feed children in one of the world’s most deprived countries.

Celebrate with Fauja Singh by donating through www.serve.world/fauja-singh-106!

Zero Hunger - with kids

The team in action in Malawi.

World renowned runner Fauja Singh has connected with hunger relief charity Zero Hunger with Langar for his birthday celebrations. The world record holder has requested anyone wishing to celebrate his birthday with him to donate to the Zero Hunger with Langar Malawi project, which currently sees them serve 40,000 meals a month in the impoverished African nation. Donations can be made via the link above.

Jagjit Singh of Zero Hunger with Langar stated of the link up, “In Malawi, most children don’t even know what it means to celebrate a birthday. With this in mind, Zero Hunger with Langar have offered the opportunity for people to give up their own birthday celebrations for the children of Malawi, and we’re delighted one of those people is the much revered Fauja Singh. It is a fantastic gesture, especially with it being such a milestone birthday, and we hope many people celebrate with him as he’s requested.”

The Sikh practice of langar is a free meal service of vegetarian food that can be found at every Gurdwara (Sikh temple) in the world. To ensure langar meets the needy, in recent years many groups across the world have taken langar out of the Gurdwara and onto the streets, a notion which the UK based Zero Hunger with Langar team have taken one step further by going into Malawi, where the government announced 6.5 million people face food insecurity.

Speaking of his birthday pledge, Fauja Singh stated, “I am getting old and frail now as I turn 106. On my birthday, on my name, help the poor. The boys from Zero Hunger with Langar serve the hungry. We should all, however we can, support them. I have always supported charitable causes and will continue to do so. I pledge my birthday towards the cause.”

Donations towards Fauja Singh’s birthday celebrations can be made via the www.serve.world/fauja-singh-106 fundraising site created by the Zero Hunger with Langar team which follows the 100% model, meaning that unlike with other charity donation sites, every single penny donated goes directly towards the Malawi project. The aimed target is £10,600, which will provide 70,000 meals for Malawian schoolchildren across the country.

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