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“Grooming gangs are more organised than the Govt understands” – SYUK

Following news of stats showing a 62% rise in cases of child sexual exploitation, social reform community group Sikh Youth UK released a statement on the issue.

The award winning Sikh ethos group regularly tackle cases of sexual grooming and feel the UK Government are unable to deal with the problem because of a lack of understanding about how the gangs operate. See below for the statement in full.

SYUK Statement – 09/10/17.

“The issue of grooming gangs in the UK is worse than even the recent statistics show. The fact is, these gangs are more organised and more strategic than it seems UK government authorities understand. In many situations they are simply able to work within the law, leading to a grey area which has allowed this most callous and seedy of practices to spiral out of control.

“This is why the problem is neglected and this is why we have hundreds of families turn to us to help tackle this issue. Many have seen first hand the devastating impact of a vulnerable young girl becoming the target of a grooming gang; whether it’s to brainwash them into going to join ISIS in Syria or simply coerced into a life of prostitution.

“Sikh Youth UK work with social workers and counsellors within the framework of a Sikh ethos support network to provide the help these girls need to escape the hellish clutches of a grooming gang. We will continue to do so and urge any victims or concerned families to come forward to us.”