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Prestigious school ordered Sikh schoolgirls to remove turbans on first day back


Two schoolgirls were ordered to remove their turbans on the first day back at school at St Anne’s Catholic School in Southampton last week.

Newly enrolled Year Seven pupil Prasimran was told to remove her turban shortly after arriving at the girls school, while Simranjot said a teacher spotted the returning Year Nine student wearing her turban outside the gates before lessons. Both girls refused to remove them and the younger girl’s family arrived an hour later and took her home in protest.  Simranjot says she was forced to take hers off after staff began unraveling it – something which is highly disrespectful to Sikhs.

Although it is not a common sight, Sikh women also wear turbans and have equal choice and rights as Sikh men do in wearing them.  A turban, or more respectful term, Dastaar, is part of a Sikhs uniform and protects one of 5 Sikh gifts from god, Kesh – hair.

The Head teacher has since apologised and the girls are back at school.

It is important that we teach the outside world about the equality that Sikh women have in choosing to wear a turban. Video explains why Sikhs wear turbans and why women also can choose to wear them.


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