Jeremy Corbyn Writes to Portuguese PM about Paramjeet Singh

It has been revealed that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn directly addressed Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa on the issue of UK asylum seeker Paramjeet Singh’s arrest in Portugal via a letter sent last week.


Lobbying by the Sikh Federation UK pushed the issue as a point of concern for many British Sikhs, grabbing the attention of much political hierarchy. The likes of MP John Spellar and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond also discussed the case in the past week.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:

“Following the exceptional lobby many are now of the strong view that the Indian authorities stand virtually no chance of securing the extradition of Paramjeet Singh irrespective of the lies India present to the Portuguese courts on 26 January.”

“Not only is the Labour leader backing his safe return to the UK, but we have it on good sources the UK and Portuguese governments have already discussed the situation and will block his extradition as the Indian judicial system can not be trusted.”

“The Indian authorities have gone to a lot of trouble to try and get Paramjeet Singh through the back door, but politicians in Britain and Portugal have in effect confirmed they will not let this happen.”

“India should cut its losses and drop extradition proceedings and let Paramjeet Singh return to the UK and be united with his wife and children.”


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