Lord Singh

Lord Singh expands on concerns about “too much political correctness” regarding grooming gangs

Yesterday evening Lord Singh joined Sikh Youth UK on the Sikh Channel to follow up on his letter to The Times and discuss his belief about “a problem with the Pakistani Muslim community”.

Calling in to the weekly Sikh Youth Show, crossbench peer Lord Singh of Wimbledon spoke with sevadaars (selfless volunteers) of SYUK, along with Sikh Channel TV presenter and Sikh community figure Kam Singh, relaying his belief that Sarah Champion was sacked by the Labour Party for “simply speaking the truth” and “daring to speak up for victims”.

On the show, available to view via the link below, Lord Singh stated on the issue of grooming gangs in the UK,  “If we don’t look at what is happening we will never get anywhere. There is a problem with the Pakistani Muslim community. That is not to say that all Muslims are guilty, that is absolutely wrong. It is a small proportion of Muslims that behave in that way. But if anyone says it they are immediately branded a racist”.

Lord Singh was also damning of the Sikh community regarding perceived hesitations against speaking out about grooming gangs.

“Within our own Sikh community people play to political correctness or political affiliation before they dare say anything. We are Sikhs; we should be honest and speak for truth and justice. I speak up for all sorts of communities because human rights should be respected. It is obligatory for Sikhs not to put their head in the sand.”

Check out the full show here – https://youtu.be/lCoxy-pZFAQ (Lord Singh interview starts from 8.30 minutes in).

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