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Pakistan Sikhs hope for own marriage Act – Times of India

He we share an article from Times of India which highlights one of the problems Sikhs face as a minority community. Sikhs do not make up even 2% of any nation’s population.

AMRITSAR: With the Pakistan senate passing the Hindu Marriage Act, Sikhs there are hoping of getting a separate act passed for the registration of their community’s marriages. This indication was given by PSGPC president Bishan Singh, who wanted the community to make extra efforts in this regard.

Bishan, who is in Amritsar on a pilgrimage and to seek support of the SGPC for organizing the 550th birth anniversary of Sikhs’ first master Guru Nanak Dev in Nankana Sahib in 2019, told TOI on Sunday that prominent Sikhs of the country after holding a meeting have decided to actively pursue for the passage of the Anand Marriage Act. “We are very happy for our Hindu brethren, who will now be able to register their marriages under their own act and resolve other issues. The Sikhs should also push for a similar act,” he said.

While hailing Nawaz Sharif’s government in Pakistan, Bishan said despite a small community, the government fulfilled Sikhs’ demands on priority. “Population of Hindus and Christians in Pakistan is over 50 lakh whereas Sikhs are only around 25,000, yet the government listens to our demands,” he said.

He was hopeful that the SGPC would extend every possible help for organizing the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. “Pakistan government has already announced to issue visas to Sikhs visiting Pakistan liberally to allow them to participate in the celebrations,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ramesh Singh Arora, member of Pakistan Punjab’s provincial assembly, told TOI on phone from Lahore that Gen Pervez Musharaf’s government had passed an ordinance of the Anand Marriage Act in 2007, but the same couldn’t be tabled in the assembly. “But we will pursue the matter and may soon be able to register their marriages under their own act,” he hoped.

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