Nari Kaur (far right) is a volunteer for SWAT Youth.

Sikh charity worker selected as one of the ‘Women of the Year’

A volunteer for Sikh ethos organisation SWAT Youth was handpicked as one of 400 guests to attend a ‘Women of the Year’ national lunch, highlighting outstanding female individuals across the UK.

Nari Kaur Sohal, a sevadaar (selfless volunteer) of Sikh Welfare Awareness Team (SWAT) Youth, was invited to the lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel (London) meet on October 15th, where all invitees are considered award winners for their outstanding community contributions.

Nari Kaur is a dedicated sevadaar that helps SWAT Youth run their programmes for children and young people that revolve around Sikh education and general well being. A SWAT Youth statement on the nomination for their sevadaar noted, “Whilst Seva is done from the heart and not for the recognition we cannot overlook this great milestone for Sikh Welfare Awareness Team Youth to have our first Sikh woman sevadaar recognised.”

Women of the Year has recognised, celebrated and inspired women of all backgrounds for over 60 years and continues to shine a light on extraordinary women through an annual lunch, lectures and on-going foundation work.

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