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Sikh educational group on Australian school turban ban

Below we share an article from ABC News (Australia) about a school in Melbourne that is refusing to admit a Sikh pupil because of his patka (religious head covering).

Jaspreet Kaur, volunteer at Sikh educational organisation Basics of Sikhi says:

‘It is disappointing Melton Christian College will be continuing with its discriminatory policy. This policy represents a  level of religious ignorance by the school that we hope to rectify. The patka is an integral part of the Sikh identity and for those that wear it, it is not something that can simply be removed. For as long as the school bans the patka it does not have an open enrolment policy. This issue has come about simply due to a lack of understanding about the Sikh faith.’

Basics of Sikhi are available and always willing to educate the public and institutions about the Sikh faith.

Melbourne Sikh family challenge ‘inclusive’ Christian school’s ban on boy’s turban

A Melbourne family has launched legal action against a Christian school for banning their son from wearing his traditional Sikh patka, a turban worn by children.

Sidhak Singh Arora, 5, was due to start prep at Melton Christian College, in Melbourne’s north-west, this year.

But his patka does not comply with the school’s uniform policy which prohibits students from wearing any type of religious head covering.

His family have taken their fight to VCAT, claiming the school had breached the state’s Equal Opportunity Act by discriminating against their son on religious grounds.

Outside court, the boy’s father Sagardeep Singh Arora said he was surprised the school would not make an exemption for his son.

“I was very surprised in an advanced country like Australia, they are still not allowing us to wear patka in the school,” he said.

“On the basis of that they are not giving enrolment in the school.

Sidhak has enrolled at another school, but his parents hope Melton Christian College will be forced to change its policy so he can enrol there instead.

The VCAT hearing was told the college had an open enrolment policy which allowed children of all faiths to enrol.

Former college council member Stephen Liefting told the hearing they were inclusive of people of all faiths.

“As long as they don’t wear clothing that promotes other religions,” he said.

“We don’t want children standing out as different … we’re inclusive in the college.

Principal David Gleeson gave evidence that a number of Sikh students attend the school but do not wear the patka.

“I think one of the real strengths of the college is that we’re blind to … everyone is blind to religious affiliations,” he said.

“Anything additional to the uniform isn’t allowed.

Mr Gleeson gave an example of another student who liked wearing a New Balance cap but was not allowed to.

The college claimed it was not breaching the Equal Opportunity Act as there was not an exemption allowing it to enforce reasonable dress standards.

The hearing will continue on Wednesday.



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