Sikh group accuse UK government report of discrimination

SFUK state the Prime Minister “gave the green light to discriminate against the Sikh minority community”.

The Sikh Federation UK, a faith based political lobbying group, have accused a recent UK government race disparity audit report of neglecting Sikhs, “despite protection under race laws”.

The audit, a report aimed at exposing inequalities in areas such as policing, housing, education and health, was released two days ago and immediately drew criticism from Sikhs, including Edgbaston MP Preet Kaur who questioned the issue in parliament.

SFUK are an organisation that have long lobbied for separate Sikh government classification. The group cite the fact it was established in the 5:0 ruling in the House of Lords in the Mandla v Dowell-Lee case in 1983 that Sikhs were a legally recognised racial group with respect to ethnic origins. More than 15 years ago following the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 the Commission for Race Equality (CRE) in July 2002 amended its guidance ‘CRE Ethnic Monitoring, A guide for public authorities’ to make specific reference to Sikhs due to the legal position.

Check out the full statement from SFUK here.

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