Sikh PA Statement regarding The Sun’s Front Page 25.09.18


‘Today, the front page of The Sun prominently featured a story regarding a Sikh accompanied by an article less than 300 words long. It is ridiculous that an article regarding a single individual in an internal disciplinary situation made the front page. This is not front page news, even for the sensationalist Sun newspaper.

‘The MoD have confirmed that this story involves ‘a number of soldiers from the Coldstream Guards’. While pictures of the Sikh soldier and his family have been included, not even the names of the other two personnel have been disclosed. The Sun’s coverage talked only of the Sikh guard’s ‘shame’.

‘In just four months last year more than 200 service personnel tested positive for drugs; how many of them have made the front pages of national newspapers? What are each of their religious affiliations?

‘This exceptional and exclusive coverage, determined by religion, has deliberately ignored what is a more widespread issue involving hundreds of service personnel each year. Almost every Army regiment has had soldiers testing positive for drugs. Selective coverage like today’s only fans the flames of racial and religious intolerance.

‘Last week, Sikh human rights activists in the UK had their houses raided by counter-terror police after pressure from the Indian authorities, according to Indian media. There was widespread concern in the Sikh community that these were politically motivated to disrupt legitimate human rights activism rather than an investigation of criminal acts. Instead of reporting the suppression of those British Sikhs exposing state genocide, The Sun has opted to splash this on its front page.’

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