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Sikh UFC Fighter opens up new MMA Centre

A brand new MMA (mixed martial-arts) centre in Wolverhampton funded by the Jet Singh Trust was opened last weekend by UFC star Arjan Singh Bhullar.
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The Canadian former Commonwealth Games gold medalist and Olympian wrestler was invited by members of the Sikh ethos charity the Jet Singh Trust to open the centre on Heathmill Road on October 8th before dozens of supporters of the charity. Sikh community figures from across the UK were in attendance.

Arjan Singh Bhullar is the first ever competitor of a south-Asian background to compete in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), the leading MMA organisation and one of the biggest sports brands in the world. As a Sikh, he decided to stop off in Wolverhampton where he has a large fan-base within the heavily Sikh populated city. Currently undefeated in MMA with a 7-0 record, Arjan Singh has often spoken of his Sikh faith helping to inspire him to reach the top level of the sport.
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Arjan Singh in action on his UFC debut, a unanimous decision win.

Arjan Singh said, “I was honoured to be invited to the opening of this new gym. I commend the amazing community work of the Jet Singh Trust and it is because of this I wanted to be here today. MMA, wrestling and sports in general are a great way for children to learn discipline and remain fit and active. Any way we can encourage youngsters of all backgrounds to get involved needs support.
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“Especially for Sikhs, with our Gurus so strongly advocating wrestling, it is important to support groups like the Jet Singh Trust, an organisation named after a great Sikh wrestler.”The Jet Singh Trust was founded after the passing of Wolverhampton local Jet Singh, a former eight-time British wrestling champion. The MMA centre is just one of many community and charitable initiatives the charity have set up. More information on the group can be found here.

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Devinder Singh of the Jet Singh Trust said, “We really want to encourage children and even adults of all backgrounds to get into sport. MMA is a route to both health and discipline. Arjan Singh coming down was brilliant. He spent time with the children, teaching them some skills, and he also took a picture with every single person who attended. We hope his presence will serve as an inspiration to people to get involved in MMA.”The creation of this gym is a fitting tribute to the name of Jet Singh, someone who would have loved to be training in such a facility.”

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