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Summary of REDRESS Report on #FreeJaggiNow

Jagtar Singh Johal is a British national who has been detained in India since 4th November 2017. He has not been charged, been denied private consular access, and has said that he has been tortured multiple times while in Indian police custody.

REDRESS is an international human rights organisation based in London and The Hague which seeks justice and repatriation for survivors of torture and related international crimes. It has published a report, based on the experience of detained national such as Mrs Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran and Jagtar Singh Johal in India. The report, titled Beyond Discretion: The Protection of British Nationals Abroad from Torture and Ill-Treatment, makes several recommendations to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on how to handle the detention of British nationals abroad.

The report recommends that the right to consular assistance for all British nationals should be enshrined in law. Moreover, it calls on the FCO to publish the entire Internal Guidance Documents for consular officials regarding consular assistance and develop clear criteria for a transparent exercise of consular assistance. The report notes that individual cases have shown how inconsistent the efforts of the British government are to assist and protect British nationals abroad. Overall, rather than regarding the assistance of British nationals as a matter of policy, the report argues that as part of a victim-centred approach, the FCO should create a legal obligation to exercise diplomatic protection where UK nationals have suffered or are at risk of grave human rights violations in detention abroad.

Check out the report in full here.

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