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VANCOUVER’S Khalsa Diwan Society is holding its annual Vaisakhi Parade this year on Saturday, April 16 and is asking everyone to be a part of the celebration.

The program schedule:

7-9 a.m.: Kirtan (hymn singing)

9-9:30 a.m.: Reception of dignitaries

9:30-10:30 a.m.: Speeches

10:45 a.m.: Ardas

11 a.m.: Departure of Parade from Gurdwara Sahib

4 p.m.: Return to Gurdwara Sahib

The Society said that Vaisakhi it is a very important day for Sikhs and one of the most colourful events in the Sikh calendar. It occurs during mid-April every year and traditionally concurs in Punjab with the first harvesting of the crops for the year. So, historically, it has been a very joyous occasion and a time for celebration. Since 1699, it has marked the very significant religious event of the creation of the Khalsa.

It noted: “The Khalsa Diwan Society is a pioneer Sikh society which took root on July 22, 1902, and was formally established in 1906. In 1908, the Society purchased and built the first Sikh

Gurdwara at 1866 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver. This Gurdwara served the community until 1970 when the new Ross Street location was opened. The Khalsa Diwan Society has played a major role in social and economic development of the Indo-Canadian community in BC and in raising Sikhi related issues and getting recognition for Sikhs in Canada.”

Telephone: 604-324-2010, Fax: 604-322-0504, E-mail:

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