Wimbledon respond to security removing Sikh man for making people “uncomfortable”

Sikh PA share below a statement from a Wimbledon spokesman in regards to the removal of a Sikh man from the overnight queues on Friday morning.

“We were concerned to hear about this person’s experience and have taken prompt steps to ascertain the facts of the situation.

“We can confirm that a gentleman was asked to leave The Queue at 4.42am this morning (Friday) after a number of complaints from his fellow queuers about his behaviour.  He has previously been warned about his conduct in The Queue on up to six separate occasions during this year’s Championships.  We do acknowledge, however, that in this instance the event safety staff could have provided a better explanation to him.

 “Happily, the same person has been in the Grounds today (Friday) watching the tennis.”

The individual involved in the incident – who has asked for his real name not be used in the media – made the following post on Facbeook on Friday morning:

After being alerted to the situation, Sikh PA spoke with the individual involved who expressed his belief that he could not have been doing anything to warrant being escorted off the grounds and did not say he had received previous warnings. There was no question of him being intoxicated, loud or aggressive and he was later allowed back in the ground, where he made an official complaint about his earlier treatment.

Sikh PA are yet to have received any official comment on Wimbledon’s statement from the man involved.

For further information please email Media@SikhPA.com.

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