£1million worth of positive PR – A One Year Review of Sikh PA

The Sikh Press Association recently celebrated its first year of operation with an event held in London to review its achievements.

Sikh PA are a project powered by Everythings 13. Other projects of Everythings 13 include Basics of Sikhi, Mighty Khalsa and Kiddie Sangat. Donations towards the work of Sikh PA can be made here – http://www.everythings13.org/make-a-donation

The Sikh Press Association’s first Annual Review was attended by representatives from Sikh organisations including Akaal Publishers, Sikh Channel, SWAT, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, Midland Langar Seva Society, NSYF, Khalsa Aid, SEVA Group, United Sikhs and more.

These organisations represent just some of those that the Sikh Press Association (Sikh PA) have worked with in its first year, whilst gaining media coverage with an estimated monetary PR (public relations) value of over £1 million. Sikh PA also received excellent feedback on their first year, as illustrated in the testimonials video, which can be seen below.

At its first year review, the Sikh PA outlined the work carried out based on three outlined aims;

  1. To raise the public profile of Sikhs.
  2. Empowering Sikhs by developing skills in media.
  3. Providing a media source for facts, resources and promoting articulate Sikh speakers.

A video – which can be seen above – highlights achievements of Sikh PA whilst working towards these aims.

A significant portion of coverage came from self-created PR campaigns such as International Langar Week and Chabeel Week. These initiatives saw groups of Sikhs around the world publicising Sikh concepts to wider communities. These campaigns gained coverage by various international media corporations including the BBC and Times of India.

An example of the coverage gained from Langar Week

Sikh PA highlighted work on individual projects of sevadaars and Sikh organisations. There was also an insight given into the work done to publicise Sikh issues, with the most pertinent example being the #SikhLivesMatter campaign.

Another example of the work of Sikh PA shown was the continuation of Media Workshops held across the country, all led by a panel of experienced media professionals. These are designed to explain the workings of the media to the Sikh sangat and how Sikh groups can increase their chances of getting exposure and recognition in the mainstream media. Videos from the workshops have also been made accessible to view. The monetary value estimated for these workshops is £3000 each, bringing the total to £12,000 (with four workshops held from 2015-16). This figure is included in the estimated total value of Sikh PA’s first year of work.

More workshops are being planned across the Britain and overseas.

Other future objectives of Sikh PA include hiring a new member of staff, building both regional and international correspondents, running enhanced campaigns and continuing to find articulate Sikhs to connect them with media.

The Sikh PA also provided an opportunity for the sangat to voice any questions with a Q&A session at the event. As a sangat funded organisation, Sikh PA always aim to be transparent with their aims and workings.

Campaign Date Coverage Estimated PR Value
Hola Mahalla March 2015 Full page feature & online coverage in regional Midlands newspaper £5,000
Vaisakhi April & May 2015 ITV, BBC & Big Centre TV news features plus over 30 different articles in approximately
20 different publications
1984 London Rally June 2015 Coverage from BBC London, ITV (15 second bulletins), and Channel 4 feature £100,000
Black Diwali November 2015 Articles on World Religion News and Metro Newspaper £20,000
Chabeel Week 2015 June 2015 Regional coverage in London, Midlands (UK), and Connecticut (USA) £20,000
Langar Week 2015 October 2015 Mass international coverage, highlights including a live BBC News feature and the front page of India Times newspaper £500,000
Individual seva projects All year round Examples: Live interviews on ITV London Tonight  (primetime 6pm viewing) for Jaspal Singh of 23p a day, ITV news report on MLSS work in Calais, Slough Refresh Centre opening regional coverage. £200,000
Positive Sikh news stories All year round Exampes: Interviews on BBC Radio stations, LBC, Talk Radio, London Live TV, column in Pulse Magazine Nigeria, statements for Daily Telegraph, Independent  and Metro newspapers £100,000

Total estimated value of first year work by Sikh PA= £1.157million.

The work of Sikh PA can be followed on www.SikhPA.com and through social media (The Sikh Press Association on Facebook, @SikhPA on Twitter, SikhPA on Instagram). To contact Sikh PA you can email Media@SikhPA.com.


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