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Sikh community EU Hustings

Sikh PA in conjunction with Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick will be holding a hustings event specifically for the Sikh community on the upcoming EU referendum.

The night of debate and discussion will be focused on Sikh related issues that could be effected by the outcome of the EU referendum, taking place on June 23rd. Heading up the In debate will be a panel led by Preet Kaur, Labour Councillor for Sandwell and member of the Sikh Network. Heading up the Out debate will be Upkar Singh of the Kesri Lehar activist group and member of the National Liberal Party. Both have been running campaigns based on their respective stances.

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There will also be attendance from other politicians and various community figures too. However, the focus will remain on Sikh related issues. Questions will include;

  • How will Britain’s status in the EU effect our ability to change the turban ban in countries like France and Belgium?
  • Will Sikhs who are unable to freely practice their faith in said countries still be able to move to the UK?
  • Does the result affect Sikh asylum seekers from India and their status in the EU?

The event will be interactive, taking questions and hearing points from all attendees. Sign up for your free ticket to join us for a very important evening before one of the most historic referendums in British history here –

If you have a question that you think we should pose to the panel or if you want to get in touch for anything else, please email

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128-130 High St – 128-130 High Street, Smethwick, B66 3AP

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