East London Gurdwara announce UK’s first full-time English speaking educator

In what is being labelled a ‘historic’ event, the committee of East London’s biggest Gurdwaras have announced what is believed to be the first paid, full-time employed parcharak (educator) both English born and speaking, to be hired by a Gurdwara.

See a statement below from Singh Sabha London East to learn more.

SSLE Statement


Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

It is with immense pleasure that Singh Sabha London East (SSLE) Gurdwara committee announce that we have taken on a paid full-time English speaking parcharak (educator).

This is a historic event. Other Gurdwaras will follow, and we encourage them to do so. We, the Sadh Sangat (holy congregation) of East London are proud to lead the way on this initiative.

Committees have been criticised for making buildings but no investment in the Youth. SSLE are committed to both. We will have a state of the art new building and a recognised English speaking parcharak who is able to communicate the Guru’s teachings in English.

The youth want to understand Sikhi and with the Guru’s blessings they will now find this easier and more engaging than ever in East London. The Parcharak will do regular youth camps and talks at youth events, like the weekly fitness class which has around 40 students every Sunday.

Our Parcharak will do school talks in the Gurdwara and travel to schools, educating children about Sikhi. Crucially, he will also visit schools where Sikh children are being bullied, to educate the children and teachers about Sikhi.

He will deliver university talks to stop youth being led astray from Sikhi, educating students about our beautiful Dharam (faith). He will be available to do English tasks at all weddings and programmes in the Gurdwara. This will make the whole experience more meaningful for non-Punjabi speaking guests and youth.

So who is he? We are very proud to introduce Saroop Singh.

Saroop is a former attendee of the respected and established academy established under Basics of Sikhi. He spent six months under direct tutelage of Jagraj Singh and other respected Gursikhs learning the deeper aspects of Gurbani (Sikh scripture), Sikh philosophy and Sikh history. He has delivered many lectures and kathas (sermons) in English, inspiring Sikhs across the world.

We are proud to have him on board at SSLE and invite all sangat near and far to come and take the Guru’s blessings.

We repeat, this is a historic moment and we invite all Gurdware to follow suit.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

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