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Sikh educational org welcome Alberta ‘recognising the significance of the dastaar’

Basics of Sikhi Canada, a global Sikh educational organisation, have welcomed a decision that will allow turbaned Sikhs to ride a motorcycle without a helmet in the Canadian state of Alberta from April 12.

Harman Singh, educator at Basics of Sikhi, said: ‘I am pleased that Alberta has followed other states in recognising the significance of the dastaar (Sikh turban). The dastaar is our crown, making it totally incompatible with wearing a helmet.’

Basics of Sikhi are a world renowned Sikh organisation that are most known for running an educational youtube channel. The organisation’s educators also do talks across the globe, explaining Sikh scripture, philosophy and practices.

The provincial transportation minister Brian Mason issued an order that amended the Traffic Safety Act following 30 years of the Sikh community in Alberta requesting such a change. He said: ‘We think that the number of people who will be wearing a turban and not a helmet is going to be very small […] so we decided on the balance that this was the right thing to do.’

Alberta now joins Manitoba and B.C in exempting turbaned Sikhs from the helmet requirement.

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