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Sikh artist to reveal giant Sikh turban portrait in Norway today!

See a video on this story below!

Today world renowned Sikh artist Inkquisitive reveals a giant portrait of a Sikh turban in Oslo, as part of the city’s celebrations of Vaisakhi.

The artist from London was given the opportunity to share his work in order to showcase the diversity of the city whilst they host a “Turban Day” event.

“I am proud and honoured to be part of Turban Day. It is a celebration of diversity within the city and when they asked me to be part of this I didn’t think twice. The piece will represent what our faith is about, which is respecting the values of equality and embracing each other. The turban is a symbolism of equality. It is a crown.”

The finished piece will be available to view at any of the following links;

Inkquisitive on Instagram
Inkquisitive’s official Facebook
The official Turban Day facebook page

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