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Sikh PA 2nd Year Annual Review

The Sikh Press Association (PA) welcomed sangat from across the UK to their recent annual review, where it was revealed the media organisation had earned over £1.5million worth of positive PR (public relations) media coverage for the Sikh community over the past 12 months.


You watch the review in full here –

Sikh PA are a project powered by Everythings 13. Other projects of Everythings 13 include Basics of Sikhi, Mighty Khalsa and Kiddie Sangat. Sikh PA were formed in last 2014 with the aim of connecting the media with Sikh community. Donations towards the work of Sikh PA can be made here –


The exact figure of the PR value of Sikh PA’s work is estimated at £1.587million (one million, five hundred and eighty-seven thousand pounds, sterling). This is up over £400,000 on last years estimated PR value of Sikh PA’s work, with an expenditure of £10,000 less than was spent last year (£40,000 in 2016/17 compared to £50,000 in 2015/16). The expenditure is based on the time spent on Sikh PA projects by Everythings 13 staff and expenses such as equipment, marketing material and travel. The saving on expenditure was due to being able to use equipment and marketing tools from 2015/16 for the last 12 months, as well as needing less support and therefore time from staff.


The PR value is based on the amount of TV/radio airtime, news column inches and social media traction gained on Sikh stories which the Sikh PA worked on over the last 12 months, since the last annual review in March 2016. This is then converted into a monetary figure based upon how much it would cost to get this kind of coverage through advertising/marketing. The breakdown of this figure is as made clear during the presentation, available online through the link above.

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The event, held in Birmingham, was attended by representatives of various panthic organisations including Sikh 2 Inspire, Sikh Relief, Akaal Publishers, SWAT, Sikh Youth UK, Panjab FA, Guru Nanaks Free Kitchen and many other groups. Attendees were provided the opportunity to see what Sikh PA have worked on over the last 12 months and comment on what was presented.


Sikh PA outlined the work carried out based on three aims of the organisation;

  1. To raise the public profile of Sikhs.
  2. Empowering Sikhs by developing skills in media.
  3. Providing a media source for facts, resources and promoting articulate Sikh speakers.

Sikh PA showed how through previous work the organisation has grown as one of the most recognised sources for the media in regards to Sikh stories, with regular contact from the news teams of the Times of India, BBC, ITV and newly established links with the likes of Al Jazeera and India Today, as well as other media organisations.


However, just like last year, it was found a significant chunk of Sikh PA’s coverage work came from self-created PR campaigns, and specifically International Langar Week. This campaign saw groups of Sikhs around the world publicising the Sikh concept of langar to wider communities.



2016 coverage.

There was also an insight into the work Sikh PA do one a direct basis with organisations and individuals doing panthic work, which can include preparation for media appearances, advice on marketing and support in publicising work.


Examples of some of the work being done overseas with groups in Canada and the USA were also given, as well work on some of the staple events within the Sikh calendar, such as 1984 Sikh genocide remembrance, Vaisakhi and Bandhi Chhor Divas.


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Sikhi is Love campaign by Canada Basics of Sikhi team receiving coverage in Canadian media.



An interesting angle of the media coverage Sikh PA gains which was highlighted, was the fact Sikh PA actively look to provide a platform for females within the community, something which many Asian communities are criticised for not doing.

One of the standout features of the Sikh PA Annual Review event was talks from spokesman/spokeswomen of some of the groups we work with on a regular basis. You can find these speeches on our youtube channel.

There was a look into some of the failures of Sikh PA of the last 12 months, which include the slowing down of the media workshops and no addition to the staff of Sikh PA, both of which will be worked on in 2017. Overall though, the Sikh PA Annual Review highlighted the ongoing work being done to provide Sikhs with a media platform.

The work of Sikh PA can be followed on and through social media (The Sikh Press Association on Facebook, @SikhPA on Twitter, SikhPA on Instagram). To contact Sikh PA you can email

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